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Have some rambunctious little ones who need to expend some energy? Our safe, creative classes will keep your kids smiling and moving! We offer, gymnastics, dance, and more. Our classes are taught by professionally trained teachers, and organized to help your child develop age-appropriate skills. Classes are divided by age and sometimes separated by gender and skill level.


ages 3-5

In this class we work on floor tumbling, beam and bar stations. Gymsters will master forward rolls, progressions to cartwheels and handstands and learn the basics to beam and bar skills! May be paired with beginner ballet in a combo class!


ages 4-6

This level is a mix of Gymsters and Allstars to provide just the right fit for the more advanced gymster!

All - Stars

ages 5-7 beginner-intermediate, 2 levels offered.

In this class we have a floor, beam and bar station. Using progressions and drills we improve upon a range of different skills. Allstars will work on Round-offs, handstand dismounts on beam, pull overs on the bar and more! May be paired with ballet in the combo class!

Hot Shots

(generally 7 to 11) Beginner to advanced level. 2 levels offered.

In this class we work on floor, beam and bar skills. We use drills and conditioning to further grow gymnasts skills such as walkovers, Backhandsprings, cartwheels on the beam and back hip circles on the bar!


beginner classes through advanced. All floor work.

In the tumbling and acro class your child will learn the proper body shapes and positions for tumbling. They will do drills and conditioning and stretching to improve their tumbling skills!


(generally ages 5-10)

By learning motions, jumps, cheers and tumbling skills, you will get your cheerleaders on the road for future sideline fun!

Creative movement, Dance/tumble

ages 2-5

Get your little ballerinas ready for Swan Lake with the fundamentals of ballet and imaginative creative movement. May be paired with tumble in the combo class!


age groups 3-5 and 4 to 7 are available.

In this class you will learn ballet positions, barre work and across the floor before changing shoes to brush, shuffle, flap and cramp roll your way to broadway!


(generally ages 6 to 11)

Follows a structured sequence of training stages intended to increase technical skills, stamina and discipline in accordance with their age and physical development. We only have instructors with extensive experience and who have a passion for teaching and sharing their love of dance!

Hip hop kids image

Hip Hop

ages 5-12

this class is the ‘hippest’ way to work on core strength and flexibility while learning the fundamentals of the dance style. May be paired with gymnastics in the combo class!

Ninja Fit

ages 4 to 10

In this class your child will swing, climb, roll and do obstacles all while strengthening and conditioning their bodies.


Aerials/ Acrobatics class

age 8 and up

Our aerials and acrobatic classes are a great way to get stronger and more flexible as you go on suspended adventures!

Super Wild Things image

Wild things, Super Wild things

ages 14 months to 3

This age group is loads of fun all while learning about body awareness, fine and gross motor skills, bi lateral coordination and allowing music to help them get moving and with cognitive memory. Its full of activities and free play helping them to share and play with others. Super Wild things (2 to 3 yrs) get brave and go in without mom or dad!