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We also offer parent and infant classes to help your little bundles of joy develop motor, cognitive, and social skills. Parent and child classes are structured around a weekly lesson plan, and include warm ups, skill focus, and free play. These classes provide a great opportunity for you to bond with your child and make new friends.


Sweet Bundles (Parent/Child)

6 months - 12 months

In these pop up classes, we introduce you to the skills they will be learning in the next class up called the “Wild Things” class. This is a great time to meet other moms and bond with your child! We do music, movement, sign language and cognitive and motor skills. Classes are $10 to drop in and are once a month. Go to our google calendar or call to see when the next sweet bundles class is!

Ooltewah, Collegedale and Ringgold Personal Trainers

Wild Things

14 months - 3 yrs

This age group is loads of fun all while learning about body awareness, fine and gross motor skills, bi lateral coordination and allowing music to help them get moving and with cognitive memory. Its full of activities and free play helping them to share and play with others.