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Kids don’t get to have all the fun--we offer yoga, barre, STRONG by Zumba®, Bungee Fit, WERQ, Tabata, and fitness classes for mom, too! In the rush of a busy day, it can be hard to find time for yourself. Our exercise classes will give you some me-time to focus on your own health and fitness goals.

Bungee Fitness

In our bungee class you will run, jump, dance, squat, lunge, sprint, push-up, plank, and do other resistance training movements. The bungee cord will reduce your body weight, making the movements easier. At the same time, you'll have to expend effort to stretch the bungee cord when you move, so your muscles get an endurance-focused workout.

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Wind down from the stress of the day while improving your fitness! Yoga is a great way to boost flexibility, strength, and balance.

Ooltewah Personal Trainers


Dance your way to fitness with our fun WERQ classes! WERQ uses a combination of exercise and dance styles such as tango, rumba, and salsa to improve cardio health and strength.

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Barre Sculpt

Always wanted that long, lean, dancer's physique? Barre might be perfect for you! Barre classes use a traditional ballet barre along with other equipment like free weights and medicine balls to work all your muscle groups.

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STRONG by Zumba®

In STRONG by Zumba®, you push yourself beyond your plateaus to achieve overall body transformation. The moves are like the ones you would find in a Tabata workout, using only body weight. The music was reverse-engineered to match every move. It includes fast-paced rhythms like EDM and Hip-Hop.