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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I find your Prices?

A: The best way to figure out pricing for the class you are interested in is to give us a call. We offer family/sibling discount rates and also offer discount rates for taking more than one class.

Q: What do I wear to classes?

A: For Ballet- Leotard and ballet shoes, For Gymnastics- Leotard (shorts optional), For Adult Classes- Yoga pants, leggings, tennis shoes or bare feet.

Q: Is there a long Term contract?

A: No, we have a monthly commitment. However best results are achieved when you come consistently.

Q: How do I know which class option is best for my 2 year old?

A: Trying to decide between parent/child options or independent options for your 2 year old? We have a list of criteria we look for when determining if a 2 year old is ready for on-their-own classes or if they would achieve better results beginning in our parent/child class. To determine the best fit for your child, you can give us a call!


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