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Have some rambunctious little ones who need to expend some energy? Our safe, creative classes will keep your kids smiling and moving! We offer, gymnastics, dance, and more. Our classes are taught by professionally trained teachers, and organized to help your child develop age-appropriate skills. Classes are divided by age and sometimes separated by gender and skill level.


ages 3-5

Our gymsters age group will work on our technical skills on the balance beams and gymnastics bars as well as our floor tumbling skills. In this age group, we are all about building confidence, strengthening our bodies, and learning through creative weekly themes to capture our imaginations and our attention. Gymsters will master forward rolls, progressions to cartwheels and handstands, and learn the basics of beam and bar skills.

May be paired with beginner ballet in a combo class.


ages 4-6

This level is a mix of our Gymsters and our Allstars age groups to provide just the right fit for the more advanced gymster, ready for a little more of a challenge in our gymnastics class environment.

All - Stars

Ages 5-7. Beginner - Intermediate levels offered.

In this age group, we will work on mastering gymnastics skills on the balance beams, gymnastics bars, and our floor tumbling skills. Allstars will work on our beginner skills and progress to more intermediate skills like round-offs, handstand dismounts on the beam, pullovers on the bar, and more!

May be paired with ballet in the combo class.

Hot Shots

Ages 7-11. Beginner - Intermediate levels offered.

In this group, we will master our beginner gymnastics skills working through drills designed to help us gain confidence in ourself and our abilities as we learn new skills. We will add in condition and strength building to help us work towards skills like our bridge walkovers and kickovers, back handspring progressions, cartwheels on the beam, and back hip circles on the beam.

May be paired with ballet in the combo class.


Beginner - Advanced levels offered. Ages 5+ for beginner classes

In our tumbling and acro class, your child will learn the proper body shapes and positions so we can master our tumbling skills. Each week our drills, conditioning, and flexability work help to improve tumbling skills beginning with forward rolls up through front and back tucks.


Ages 5+. Beginner friendly! All experience levels welcome.

Our cheer and tumblers learn cheer motions, jumps, sideline cheers, and tumbling skills. We will introduce beginner stunting too, getting your cheerleaders on the road for future sideline fun!

Dance/Tumble Creative Movement

Ages 2-4

This age group will explore the world of dance and tumbling through introductions to creative movement, ballet concepts, and tumbling skills. We will explore different music styles and rhythm while we play, dance, and tumble together. We introduce beginner ballet steps and begin to piece together combinations while expanding our spatial awareness through creative movement activities. Tumbling skills include forward rolls, backwards rolls, cartwheel and handstand progressions, bridges, tumbling body shapes, and more.

Ninja Fit

Ages 4 to 10. Classes separated into "Minis" age group (3-5, or 4-6) or our 6+ age group.

Our ninja classes will work on mastering strength and agility skills such as the warped wall, tri-steps, and grip hangs. We will do drills to help develop agility, conditioning to help with strength and endurance, and practice obstacle courses every week. We are building confidence through fun as we swing, climb, roll, and tumble through ninja class.


Aerials/ Acrobatics class

Ages 8+. Beginner - Intermediate levels offered.

In our aerial acrobatics class, students will learn the essentials of aerials silks and lyra acrobatics. We will learn the art of aerial performance as we build our strength and work on flexibility all while suspended in the air.

Super Wild Things image

Super Wild Things

Ages 2-3

This is the next level up for those who started in our Wild Things class and are ready for a little bit more of a challenge in a class that promotes independence. Your child will go into class on their own with their teachers and friends. We continue introducing gymnastics skills while also developing movement recognition, active listening skills, sharing and turn-taking skills that will help us in our next levels and in life outside of the gym!

Trying to decide between parent/child options or independent options for your 2 year old? We would be happy to help you determine the best fit for your child!